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Little Clothes and Lots of Quarters

If volunteers are the heart and hands of Love INC and donors are its blood and breath, our network of Church and Community Partners are the backbone that provides structure, strength, and support to the entire Love INC distribution system. Without our Church and Community Partners, and their selfless commitment

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Great People, Great Cause, Great Time

Things are shaping up nicely for Love INC’s 2nd Annual golf tournament on Thursday, July 19th. With a goal of 25 teams (100 golfers), we’re approaching the 80% mark with 19 committed teams: that’s 76 people planning to join us! We’re so excited! And, we still have space for at least

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Two Types of People

By Carisa Rangel Gottuso There are two types of people in the world: those who golf and those who don’t. And this is for both of you. Love INC’s 2nd Annual Golf Tournament is right around the corner! If you’re a golfer, keep reading. If not (yeah, me neither), you

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Donation Processing Center Dreams Come True

On Saturday, February 24th, a team of nearly 20 volunteer builders created almost 1200 square feet of industrial shelving space and six volunteer work stations for our Donation Processing Center. Processing Center volunteers are overjoyed with their new space. The expanded work area increases capacity and makes it easier to

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Did You Know?

In-kind donations of new and gently used items are received by Love INC to be sorted, repaired, cleaned, laundered, sized, folded, packed, and delivered to our Partner Network for distribution to those we serve. Items like clothing for adults, children, and infants, shoes for adults and children, bed, bath, and

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A Team of Teams

by Curt Jones Recently, I was one of 103.4 million people who tuned in to watch Super Bowl LII. By the end of the game, another 8.9 million people swelled that number to 112.3 million fans and viewers. It seems that I am not alone in my fascination with great

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A Valentine’s Day Love [INC] Story

Lina first came to Love INC in 2013. She was alone–separated from her children, estranged from her mother, and grieving her older sister’s death. Physically, she was homeless, unemployed, addicted to drugs, drinking heavily, and staying in an abandoned house. The dilapidated structure had no running water and was falling

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