A Life Well-Lived

A Life Well-Lived

(A tribute to Mari Worley by Curt Jones)

This past year, Love INC lost a valuable and much-loved volunteer to cancer–twice. Not long after her diagnosis, Mari Worley began her chemotherapy regimen and we lost her as a volunteer. On August 30, 2018, we lost her again as she passed from this life to the next to be with the Lord for eternity.

I recently attended Mari’s funeral with a number of Love INC volunteers. The service was packed, and I learned much about her life and the impact it had on those who knew her. Family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors shared story after inspiring story of how Mari encouraged, loved, and served people. It quickly became evident that she lived fully, loved deeply, laughed often, labored diligently, and left a legacy of lifting up and strongly supporting others.

During the service, I realized that the Mari I knew during her tenure as a Love INC volunteer was the same Mari that many others had known and loved throughout her life. Hers was truly a life well-lived, and she will be missed by many. May we all aspire to follow Mari’s example of sincere faith, deep joy, authentic relationships, and selfless service.

Mari requested donations be made to Love INC in her memory. You can do that here. To read her obituary, click here.