A Team of Teams

by Curt Jones

Recently, I was one of 103.4 million people who tuned in to watch Super Bowl LII. By the end of the game, another 8.9 million people swelled that number to 112.3 million fans and viewers. It seems that I am not alone in my fascination with great teams who work together to accomplish great things.

At Love INC, scores of volunteers work together as a team of teams to accomplish something much more enduring than a Super Bowl victory. Trophies and rings pale in comparison to the lasting joy of serving others and the profound sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment that comes from having a positive impact on others. 

Selfless service often transforms the lives of both the served and the server.

There are open positions on many of Love INC’s volunteer teams. We believe there is a “sweet spot” for everyone on at least one of our teams–a place where anyone with a desire to serve others can find a perfect fit and be part of a winning team.

Take a look at our Team of Teams roster below and the volunteers who currently lead/coach these 16 teams. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to serve on a great team and be part of something bigger than yourself.

We encourage you to find a place of service at Love INC where you can be exactly who you were created to be while doing precisely what you were created to do. 

Love INC’s Team of Teams

Admin Team (Sharon/Geri) – The Admin Team handles a wide array of administrative support services including reception and routines, projects and procurement, reports and research, organizing and orchestrating, and errands and tasks. Onsite and virtual opportunities as well as ongoing responsibilities and one-time projects are currently available.

Board of Directors Team (Steve/Nora) – The Board of Directors is a working board charged with discerning God’s will for Love INC and providing guidelines and governance to the organization and Leadership Team.

Building & Grounds Team (Paul) – The Building & Grounds Team is responsible for upkeep, repairs, and maintenance of the physical plant as well as for meeting logistics (i.e. set up and take down).

City Task Force Team (Bill/Curt) – The City Task Force Team is charged with engaging, mobilizing, and coordinating the efforts of government agencies, medical, educational, and social services professionals, churches and nonprofits, and community and service organizations for the good of the city.

Client Care Center Team (Marilyn) – The Client Care Team is responsible for the client intake, needs assessment, and appointment setting processes that help us vet recipients and validate needs while initiating and maintaining long-term, caring relationships with the clients we serve. We are currently looking to fill four, 4-5 hour/week volunteer positions: English-speaking and bilingual Client Care Coordinators, a Spanish-English interpreter, and a special projects coordinator.

Dental Van Team (Terry) – The Dental Van Team coordinates the quarterly visit of the Medical Teams International dental van that has provided over $68,000 of free dental work to 174 Love INC clients in recent years. Volunteers help with publicity and promotion, scheduling and confirmation, patient reception and registration, and translation services.

Donations Processing Team (Cassie/Judy) – The Donations Processing Team receives, sorts, cleans, repairs, launders, folds, sizes, and stores donations of new and gently used items for delivery to clients through our distribution network of Church and Community Partners.

Furniture Ministry Team (open) – The Furniture Ministry Team manages and maintains our furniture inventory and warehouse and arranges for and schedules pickups and deliveries from donors and to clients. We are currently looking for a warehouse coordinator as well as someone to oversee and direct our volunteer team of schedulers, drivers, loaders, and warehouse workers.

Fundraising Team (Rosetta/Nancy) – The Fundraising Team encompasses a wide variety of roles and opportunities including fundraising events and community fundraisers. Donor development, donor relations, grant writing, digital giving, capital campaigns, planned giving, and database management positions are available.

Leadership Team (Bill/Curt) – The Leadership Team orchestrates and oversees the executive level functions of Love INC including long-term planning, organizational and systems development, financial functions, and other operational matters (e.g. legal, corporate, government, finance, risk management, etc.).

Loads of Love Team (Marie/Myrna) – The Loads of Love Team provides clients with a place to do laundry. Local organizations and individuals currently donate over 2,000 quarters ($500) each month. Volunteers pick up quarters and meet clients at the laundromat on their scheduled laundry day each week to build friendships with clients while plugging the machines. Volunteers to help us increase the number of quarters received each month would also be beneficial.

Love INC Ambassador Team (open) – Love INC ambassadors function as relational connectors. They initiate and maintain relationships with our local community by listening, communicating, supporting, and resourcing: 1) existing and future Church Partners, 2) local businesses and business owners, and 3) government agencies and community/service organizations. If you are passionate about Love INC and like connecting with people, becoming a Love INC ambassador may be a perfect fit for you.

Marketing & Communications Team (Carisa/Ellen) – The Marketing and Communications Team manages our brand (how we look) and messaging (what we say). They create, design, manage, and maintain our website, social media platforms, digital and print communications, literature, and collateral through a creative team of volunteer designers, writers, content managers, and social media, print media, and production coordinators. Our MarCom Team is currently looking for a social media coordinator as well as someone with video production and/or videographer expertise or experience.

Technology Team (Jerad/Carisa) – The Technology Team handles all of our information technology needs and functions by procuring, networking, optimizing, and maintaining our digital technology systems and equipment.

Transformational Ministry Team (Nora/Bill) – The Transformational Ministry Team trains, resources, and supports a growing team of caring people who come alongside our clients to befriend, mentor, and advocate for them, utilizing resources that include mentor training and life skills classes. New mentors are welcome and training sessions are currently available.

Volunteer Resources Team (Judy) – The Volunteer Resources Team grows and cares for our volunteer teams by overseeing and implementing recruitment, orientation, assessment, placement, training, recognition, and appreciation systems and processes for our volunteers.

In closing, the Love INC Team of Teams has:

  • A place for those who prefer to work with people, paper, processes, or projects…
  • A place for those who have 2-3 hours a month or 2-3 days a week…
  • A place for those who come to Love INC or work from home…
  • A place for those who want to lead, follow, or fill in for others if/when needed…

A place for YOU…

For more information, contact our volunteer coordinator, Judy, by email ( or phone (971-983-5683). We look forward to hearing from you.