Eat. Sleep. Sit. Study. Relax.

Love INC’s Furniture Ministry is a much-needed service that provides great value to the people and families we serve. Few things are more rewarding than the smile of two young brothers climbing into a bed of their own for the first time or watching them load new clothes (from Love INC) into their own drawer in the family dresser. Our furniture ministry allows families to share mealtimes together at a kitchen table or sit down to talk and relax together on a sofa. A simple lamp allows young students to study after dark. In short, furniture transforms a house into a home by providing families with a place to eat, sleep, sit, study, and relax–together.

As Love INC’s Furniture Ministry continues to grow and expand, the time has come to reorganize and decentralize–to share the load by working together as a team since many hands make for light work. The continued increase of donations and demand for furniture we are experiencing is an indication of God’s blessing. However, the current centralized model we use is exceeding current space capacity and exhausting volunteer resources (and volunteers). The problem of managing an outpouring of God’s bountiful provision, for us and for those we serve, is one of the best problems we can imagine–a problem for which we have been praying.

Following below is an overview of the reorganization plan for our Furniture Ministry and an initial list of timely and immediate needs (i.e. opportunities for service and giving) required to continue meeting needs, serving people, and making a difference with furniture. Pray with us that God provides and brings the people we need. And don’t forget to consider what part you can/should/will play.

Here are our Top 7 Needs:

  • Storage Space – Do you have an empty bay in your garage, an underutilized room in your place of business, work, or worship–ideally one with easy access for loading/unloading? Would, could, or should you consider renting a storage unit for Love INC? We need to locate 3-4 separate places in Woodburn to store 1) beds & dressers, 2) kitchen tables & chairs, 3) loveseats & recliners, 4) smaller living room items like coffee/sofa/end tables, and 5) floor and table lamps.
  • Pickup & Delivery – Do you have a father, son, brother, or friend (mothers, daughters, and sisters also welcome) with a strong back and 2-3 hours a week to pick up or deliver furniture to/from Love INC clients and donors? If so, this workout is much more rewarding and fun than yet another trip to the gym. A regularly scheduled day, evening, or weekend that fits your schedule can be arranged. What better way for fathers and sons, brothers, or friends (or their female counterparts) to connect and bond while meeting needs, serving people, and making a difference–together.
  • Drivers – If you have a pickup or trailer, and the ability to drive or pull it, we can match you with one of our Pickup & Delivery Teams who will carefully load and unload it. All you need to do is drive. A regular weekly commitment of 2-3 hours is preferred.
  • Furniture Scheduler – If you like to text or call people with good news and enjoy organizing people, scheduling appointments, overseeing processes, and managing details, there’s a place for you on our Furniture Scheduler team. You can work the hours you want from home for as little as 2-3 hours a week.
  • Furniture Ambassador – When a client requests furniture, we prefer to send somebody to their home to assess furniture needs in order to serve them well. If you enjoy meeting and helping people and have a knack for space planning and basic interior design, this may be a perfect fit for you. Our Furniture Ambassadors work in pairs. You can apply as a team with someone you know or we can help you find a partner.
  • Photo Inventory – We manage our furniture inventory on Google Photos and are looking for someone to upload and organize photos and teach/assist/remind our Pickup & Delivery Teams to email photos regularly to keep our photo inventory current.
  • Furniture Coordinator – We are looking for someone with organizational skills and leadership gifts to organize people, coordinate communications, and oversee the process of meeting needs, serving people, and making a difference with furniture.


Rather than permanently suspend services in the midst of great need, pray with us that God will raise up workers and provide the space we need to take the furniture ministry to the next level. Contact Judy by email at or by text or phone at (503) 329-0380. Help us transform houses into homes by providing local families with a place to eat, sleep, sit, study, and relax–together.