Navigational Assistance Needed, Please!

Some maps are much more confusing than others.  Sometimes there is too much information and at other times there is too little. Even when the design is perfect, one may need to refer to the legends and keys of the map to make the correct decisions while navigating. So it is with the conversations the Board has been having with the concept of a Love INC Thrift Store.  

A primary responsibility of the Board is to discern the will of God for our affiliate (Love INC of North Marion County). There are any number of signs pointing in a variety of directions and listing a myriad of destinations with a plethora of possible routes for each. Confused yet? We need your help in navigating. We want to hear from all of you. Please share with us what you discern God is up to in this area specifically.

Israel suffered for centuries because they insisted that God give them a king so they could be like everyone around them. We already know that many groups (including several Love INC affiliates) have very successful Thrift Stores that are of great assistance in meeting their goals and fulfilling their missions. However, if we start one, we need to do it because we discern that God is leading us to do so and not because we want that or “everyone else” is doing it. We invite you to share with us in discerning God’s will in this matter.

We want to continue to encourage our donors to contribute everything to us and let us sort through it all. We frequently receive items for which the highest use is to convert them into another item that can be of greater benefit to our clients. Last year, for example, one of our donors gave us a double wide mobile home (thank you Hubbard Chevrolet). The best use of that donation was to convert it to funds to continue our ministry to our clients. Some of our donors want everything they donate to go directly to our clients while others are content to allow us to discern the highest or best use for their donation.  

In addition, there are some significant pieces that we have not yet found on the map or in the key. While it might take several pages to be comprehensive, a partial list would include a business plan, a storefront, start-up funding, retail personnel, and a system to honor donor intent. More importantly, we are lacking a broad-based community involvement in the conversation so that we can achieve the most important thing: a discernment that this is something into (or away from) which God is leading us. So, pass around the map, make some comments on it, add some notations to the legend and key, and pray about it. You can comment below or feel free to contact us here.