One Drip at a Time

By Curt Jones

A tiny droplet of water on the face of one leaf on one tree in the vast Amazon rainforest seems insignificant. The lone droplet may be evaporated by the afternoon sun with other droplets that, through the process of condensation, become tiny raindrops. These tiny raindrops join forces with other tiny raindrops and drip from leaves to the ground, saturating the soil and eventually forming tiny puddles. Puddles overflow and these tiny trickles form rivulets that become small streams. Small streams become large streams that flow into even larger rivers. Eventually, parts of nine countries comprising 30% of South America’s land mass are drained by the 2.1 million square mile ecosystem known as the Amazon River basin. This all happens one drip at a time.

Success at Love INC boils down to two things: mobilizing people and transforming lives. Both of these activities happen one person, one life, one drip at a time. Much like the Amazon River, the sheer volume of real and felt needs in the lives of our clients – the people and families we serve at Love INC – are vast. And the growing number of people and families with needs we desire to meet is overwhelming.

Amazing increases in “in-kind” donations of new and gently used clothing, volunteer hours and new volunteers, successful fundraising efforts, the advent of the City Task Force, and new strategic partnerships with church and community partners, government agencies, city officials, and social services organizations are eclipsed by the increased awareness of more people and more families with more and more needs. When serving people, needs tend to outpace growth, underscoring the timeless truth that, “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Though we endeavor to make a real difference in the lives of real people with real needs in North Marion County, our ongoing work of meeting needs and serving people, one person at a time, seems insignificant in light of the overwhelming task before us. It’s easy to feel like our efforts are in vain–like we’re only scratching the surface.

But in the same way that tiny droplets of water join forces to create the vast and mighty Amazon River basin, every family we serve, every need we meet, every life we touch makes a difference in this ecosystem of ministry known as Love INC of North Marion County.

Together we are powerful like the vast and mighty Amazon. What drop of water can you contribute?