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Eat. Sleep. Sit. Study. Relax.

Love INC’s Furniture Ministry is a much-needed service that provides great value to the people and families we serve. Few things are more rewarding than the smile of two young brothers climbing into a bed of their own for the first time or watching them load new clothes (from Love

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Two Types of People

By Carisa Rangel Gottuso There are two types of people in the world: those who golf and those who don’t. And this is for both of you. Love INC’s 2nd Annual Golf Tournament is right around the corner! If you’re a golfer, keep reading. If not (yeah, me neither), you

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One Drip at a Time

By Curt Jones A tiny droplet of water on the face of one leaf on one tree in the vast Amazon rainforest seems insignificant. The lone droplet may be evaporated by the afternoon sun with other droplets that, through the process of condensation, become tiny raindrops. These tiny raindrops join

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