Woodburn Family Resource Center

Woodburn Overview

Woodburn is comprised of a demographically diverse, rural community with a population of more than 26,000. The diversity in Woodburn comprises nearly 56.3% Hispanic/Latino (far greater than that of Oregon at 13.3% and the U.S. at 18.3%), with the remaining population Russian, Caucasian, Asian, Multi-race, and other races. With its rural locale and the diversity of the community, the needs for services and resources are significant as 23.7% of the population falls below the poverty level (higher than Oregon at 13.2% and the U.S. at 12.3%).

With its location approximately 30 miles south of Portland and 20 miles north of Salem, Woodburn residents are limited on where they can receive needed assistance for family, social, mental health, or medical services and resources.  Most organizations/agencies providing services and/or resources are located in the larger metropolitan areas requiring individuals or families to travel to Salem or Portland. In many instances, families or people in need are unable to travel to receive assistance placing them or others at risk.

There are local organizations that serve Woodburn residents that operate out of church basements, people’s garages or homes, or in small, unsecured office spaces.  Due to a lack of places to operate, most organizations that provide domestic violence, mental health, children advocacy, homelessness, addiction services, and other resources do not have a presence in the Woodburn area. 

As Woodburn continues to grow, so does the need for more readily available services and resources for individuals and families in need or at risk.  Woodburn needs a single location where organizations can expand the services they are currently offering in a secure, stable facility and where individuals and families can receive the assistance they require including domestic violence, mental health, children advocacy, homelessness, and addiction services, all of which are needed in this area.

Note – statistics from U.S. Census


The City of Woodburn, in collaboration with local non-profit and service organizations, is proposing to establish a Woodburn Family Resource Center where individuals and families can receive resources and services including (but not limited to): family, social, medical, domestic violence, mental health, children advocacy, homelessness, and addiction services. 

Working with a local non-profit (LOVE INC) the City will secure a facility to house service providers in a single location. LOVE INC serves the Woodburn area providing assistance with prescriptions, dental care, utilities, household items, clothing, and other urgent needs as well as referrals to other agencies for additional services and assistance.

The City would identify a property that would be well-suited for the Woodburn Family Resource Center providing office, meeting, and interview space for agencies and service providers to meet with clients privately without interruption and in a secure environment. 

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are sought in order to provide funds for the City to acquire a property suitable for Woodburn Family Resource Center operations. Once a building has been acquired, the City would enter into a lease agreement with LOVE INC, designating them as the primary service organization. LOVE INC would then “sublet” office and meeting space to agencies and organizations providing services to individuals and families in need. 

The City of Woodburn would maintain ownership of the property and provide maintenance. In order to ensure affordability for the organizations providing services, the lease would include no monetary exchange of funds. Providing support to the Woodburn Family Resource Center is critical to the health and well-being of individuals and families. The City of Woodburn is committed to investing resources to ensure the success of this project and to the CDBG process.

Detailed Project Description

The City has sought to identify a property suitable to house a Family Resource Center.  We have inventoried available properties, assessing the size, layout, amenities, and what improvements might be necessary to house the service organizations utilizing the space. Through this effort, the City identified the property located at 970 Cascade Drive in Woodburn as a suitable location for the Family Resource Center.

The goal of the project is for the City to acquire the property at 970 Cascade Drive and make it available to organizations and agencies that serve individuals and families in need of medical, mental health, domestic violence, children advocacy, homeless, addiction resources and/or services.

LOVE INC (an Oregon non-profit organization) would serve as the on-site administrator to manage the facility on behalf of the City for a period of at least five (5) years. On-site administration would include: (i) making or causing to be made all necessary repairs and alterations to the facility as deemed advisable or necessary; (ii) supervising or overseeing construction of tenant improvements, remodels, or capital improvements; (iii) assigning office space and suite areas for occupancy by third-party tenants; and (iv) performing other brokerage-type services related to the facility, such as screening for appropriate tenants, negotiating and signing lease agreements for space within the Facility, collecting rents due or to become due, and terminating tenancies as appropriate. In consideration of providing administration and management, services at the Family Resource Center, LOVE INC will be able to occupy a portion of the facility rent-free.

LOVE INC’s mission is to connect people and families in need with local service agencies and community programs that can provide assistance. LOVE INC works with more than 20 local service providers and over 60 service agencies in North Marion County to serve those in need.

The Woodburn Family Resource Center project will provide area residents, families, individuals, and children with the services and resources needed to secure and improve their quality of life. CDBG funds will support this project and allow the City to provide the facility needed to bring services and reassurance to our community.